They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

But in a crowded marketplace with millions of voices, a thousand words will just not be enough. That is what we offer you: creative graphic designs that will tell your target – all you have to say, and make it all they want to hear.

Our quality graphic design service includes designs for logos, brochures, corporate stationeries, flyers, print ads, Invitations, packaging, newsletters, and much more.

Our professional designers are fluent in the language of beauty and matching vivid colors with powerful images and fonts in a way that clearly and unforgettably conveys your message to your target audience, and helps achieve your business and communication goals.

Whether you are building a website from scratch or improving an existing site, we offer a full range of web development services that stands you out from the competition by being both functional and visually appealing.

From simple informational sites to complex and advanced e-commerce sites, at CREATIVE EDGE, our whole focus is to design and build websites that communicates your mission, attracts and retains your target audience, and beats your competitors’ websites; while maintaining hard-to-match advantages in visuals, simplicity, and cost!

Our expertise includes making sure your site and pages have the right elements to be easily indexed by search engines; creating original, attractive, and functional designs - that will help your website stand out from the competitor.

We also offer dependable web hosting solutions that are customized to your website's size, capabilities and traffic, and will gladly discuss the options to help you to make an informed decision.

Our creative team develops excellent multimedia solutions that integrate video, music, animation and voice, to offer our clients high impact audio/visual communication with extremely impressive results.

At Creative Edge, we will work with you to ensure that your content is of the right quality, length, and depth to guarantee that your communication hits the right cord with your audience.

Our interactive multimedia solutions services include: Multimedia content for corporate presentations and conferences, flash introductions on websites, custom animations, flash logos, flash base e-newsletters, CD presentations, 2D & 3D animations for Film/TV/Music Videos, and Online ads.

We understand the limitations that small businesses face in budget, expertise and creative opportunities, to market and project their businesses/brands. This inspired us to create a unique branding service, which integrates web, mobile and printed media solutions that are very cost effective, and fast to deploy, for small business owners.

In the area of personal branding, we realize that a lot of highly visible individuals (or those with high visibility potentials) do not maximize their public recognition either for good, or for profit.

We work with such individuals to develop and launch concepts and projects that will leverage on their personality and image to yield more social and financial profits to them and their image managers.

Already with one of the world’s highest per capita rates of mobile phone ownership, every smart business is seeking to tap into the awesome opportunities presented by the millions of mobile phone owners in Nigeria.

Establishing and maintaining a strong presence in the exploding mobile web market will give your business a subtle but effective edge over your competitors by engaging with your customers through their mobile phones.

Mobile Web Solutions can put you in your customers’ hands when they’re on the go, at a bus stop, waiting for friends at a bar and at those other billions of moments when they are away from their PCs.

Our Mobile media team can help identify and develop solutions for you to create an unmatchable, personal relationship with your customers through the mobile web. We will advise on the range of opportunities available for your business and brand, and work closely with you to fine tune the user experience and functionality to provide the best results.

Selling products or services online may seem easy, but realistically, there will be thousands of websites that are offering similar stuff and incentives, so there has to be something unique about your ecommerce website that draws the customer in time and again, every single time that they need something within your niche.
That “something unique” is what our team at CREATIVE EDGE MEDIA works together with you to create.

Whether you're selling products, offering a service, or signing visitors up for a newsletter, we are able to craft an almost unlimited range of tailored solutions to meet the ONE MAJOR goal of your ecommerce site - to bring your website quality traffic: traffic that will convert to profitable transactions.

For anyone interested in starting or expanding a business; an important stage is the preparation of a sound business plan or proposal; a one-time opportunity to influence critical decision makers.

When we write your business plan, we offer you among other benefits, the key advantage of relating the content of your document to your target audience; which is critical to the success of many business writings. For instance, a proposal targeted at a banker-investor would not be written in the same structure and language as one, for an engineer-investor. Time and again, knowing who is going to be reading the document has proven extremely important to its development and success.

That's why you need the professional help that we can offer, to ensure that your business writing are world class in content, arrangement, and delivery.

Our writing services include: Business Plans and Proposals, Market Research Services, corporate Presentations, Website and blog content writing, and Document Editing.